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Prices: As of May 1st, 2020

Beef: Killing- $105.00 and Processing/Cutting/Wrapping- $.74/lb for Paper Wrap or Vacuum Seal and $.76/lb USDA Resale.

Pork: Killing- $54.00 and $.10/# over 200# and same pricing for Processing/cutting/wrapping, Sausage $.65/lb and Smoking- is done outside of our facility, it can NOT be for USDA resale. Caver Meats, Clyde, NY- $.95/lb (Maple, Honey and Black Pepper), No Nitrate- $1.44/lb, No Sugar- $1.24/lb

Goat/Lamb: Killing/Processing- $77.00 and $.50/lb over 50#

We do NOT butcher poultry. 

We are NOT processing organic at this time.

*Prices subject to change*